Symbiote Receives Wonderful 5 Star Review: Red Headed Book Lover Blog.

This morning, I awoke to a charming announcement, that Aimee from The Red Headed Book Lover Blog had reviewed my Young Adult Fantasy Sequel, Symbiote.

Symbiote: Book 2 Peradon Fantasy Series

Symbiote has received a wonderful 5 star review from Aimee of The Red Headed Book Lover Blog.

Aimee says-

'I was in awe, the rich literature combined with the vivid scope of the land the reader encounters is breath-taking and sent my heart racing whenever I would read it. As a reader who adores fantasy, I love to be thrust into a land that is beyond my wildest imagination and Symbiote is just that… a fantasy realm that is so glorious that readers will be thinking of it for days and maybe weeks afterward. '

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